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Meet Michael

Michael was introduced to our skating program in 2012. When we met, he was non-communicative, with compromised motor skills, and parental separation anxiety. Our first several sessions were strictly off-ice to prepare him for what he wanted to do. Part of the training includes an "eyes-up" posture, and with that our first breakthrough, eye contact. On a slow but sure pace, he began to develop the confidence to take the ice, and from there a few steps, and from there a few strides. Within the span of a year, Michael not only became an expert skater, but he is a skilled hockey player, and a mentor to our newcomers! Beyond his athletic achievements, there is a warm greeting where there used to be silence, there is a helpful son where there used to be constant need, there is Mom who gets precious respite while Michael plays hockey with his new friends, and most importantly, there is a person who has a far better chance to flourish within his family, and his community than he did just a few years ago! Well done Michael!!

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